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Weather Or Not…

We’ve had some supposedly severe weather move through the last few days.

High winds that didn’t get too bad and a fair bit of rain.

I set up the GoPro on time lapse outside a couple of hours ago but didn’t really get anything but the clouds rolling by. Nothing spectacular. Just seven and a half minutes of clouds. I thinks it’s neat but that’s a lot to upload to the site.

Here’s a gif of said time lapse. At least I didn’t give ya nothin’.

Time to get some rest and prepare for the week.

I hope we all have a good one.

That’s it. That’s the post.


Storm Day

We had a little bit of everything except snow today. Also, no tornadoes, although the conditions were favorable.

Severe weather alerts all day had me a little stressed but like I wrote yesterday I had a nice calm about me.

I would say we’re lucky but I know that we are infinitely blessed. There’s nothing I can control about bad weather. I’m just a man.

Somebody else has their hand on me. Guiding and protecting me.

I’m so very grateful and thankful that is so.

That’s it. That’s the post.



10:38 AM. The weather is not my friend today. I keep having to stop traveling between storesbetween stores Because the rain is coming down so hard you can’t see the road. That and the other drivers around me figuring they’re immortal, passing me at 65 and 70 miles an hour.

Other drivers.

That’s a rough guesstimate I’m doing 45. I have grown passed the age where I think I’m immortal.

Sadly, I am not.

8:22 PM

I didn’t get back to this today because I finally made it to the store. The rain ended up adding 35-45 minutes to my travel time.

They can’t blame me. I don’t control the weather.

A couple of hours cleaning up other people messes and I’m back home. Supper had, family time had, and I’m pretty much done for the day.

So this is my one hundredth day in a row posting to this blog. Like I say, this is my therapy. If you’re reading it, I appreciate it.

More to come.

That’s it. That’s the post.