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From Knights To Nomads: The Tear Down Part 1

This isn’t going to mean a thing to a lot of people that might come across it but I’m documenting the demolition of our high school here and there.

If you’re just joining us we were hit by a tornado several months ago and the school is being torn down to make way for the new construction.

And I bought a DJI Mavic Mini yesterday. I have a few slight complaints but I’m impressed with the quality of the drone and the video.


Knights To Nomads

Several months ago a tornado hit my daughters high school. It hit on a Saturday night/Sunday morning so blessings all around. Just a building. Much like a church is a building and it’s flock is the real church, the heart and lifeblood of a school is it’s students and teachers.

We are blessed a thousand times over that this didn’t hit during a school day.

This is my alma mater as οΏΌwell. I graduated in ’86. I don’t have a lot of fond memories of high school. I went when I was supposed to, I had decent grades. I had friends and enjoyed chorus. One of the ROTC leaders encouraged me to take the ASVAB and join the army. And that’s about it.

Our kids have been moved to another campus. Our old ATEC building. They’re resilient. School carries on.

Today they finally started tearing down the old place to make way for new construction. I don’t know how long this will be, but my daughter will be a sophomore this year. I wonder if she’ll get to graduate from the new building and enjoy her senior year there?

The North Central High School mascot is the Knight.

The Castle has been razed.

The subjects are scattered.

We’ve gone from Knights to Nomads.


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