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(The Nanny State Has Made Me A) Criminal

Today a friend was warned on FB that she had β€œviolated community (double) standards.

Not sixty seconds later the app went wonky and I figured out why.

I responded to her post about it with an image that has been proven to be false. The big controversy of the lady in her bathtub where they said her elbows were her nipples.

Not just one but two post have been marked by the Facebook Stasi/CIA/NSA wannabes.

I never post anything out of line on social media, but anyone can use their imagination to make it out to be what they want it to be. But if those aren’t her elbows, well, then she’d be on another website.

I was restricted for twenty-four hours from posting or commenting.

My sons Oculus Quest is connected to that FB account.

His Oculus was signed out after my faux pas. Twice. He was miffed.

I had to admit to my twelve year old that I’m a hardcore FB criminal and I run with questionable folk.

FB has been removed from my phone. I hope he loses interest in the Oculus. Then he can sell it and use the money towards the other consoles in his hobby.

The world we live in today is a nanny state β€œtell on everyone” hell hole.

You can’t do anything for fear of offending someone.

I remain unafraid. I do not care. If I offend you don’t read what I write or post. Don’t listen to what I have to say.

Tell β€˜em, Patrick.

The rules have changed. I used to be a very kind person. Not anymore.

If you show me kindness or that you have the capacity to be nice to others, we’re good. We can exist together.

If you’re a douchebag nanny state prison snitch, I will treat you as such.

Come get your stitches.

That’s it. That’s the post.