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I think I’ve mentioned that I work in retail around a pretty diverse group of folk.

I’ve become close with a lot of them. Some of them have moved on to other jobs, and some have had bigger aspirations. Some want to make the world a better place.

I think I’ve moved into sort of a kinda old man/ fatherly type with some of them.

Rivera is a younger guy who left one of my stores a while back with an idea of what he wanted to be in the world. How he was gonna make his difference.

I saw him today. In his uniform. He wanted to become a cop and he did.

He’s a good man. An honest man. I feel safer with him out there patrolling the streets I drive on every day.

And yes, I had to tell him how proud I am of him. It does my heart good to see someone succeed like that.

I just added this to possibly aggravate someone.

And then you flip a coin.

I have another friend I watched go through some significant problems with drugs.

I can’t even pretend to start understanding severe addiction. It boggles my mind how someone can let that kind of demon take over.

We will call her A.

Pretty woman. Classic Southern beauty. I knew her when she was younger and had her problems. Sometimes people outgrow their troubles.

We ended up working alongside each other in retail, me representing my company and her representing another.

With her head on straight she can sell like nobody’s business. She really knows how to read people.

I watched her move up from rep to manager to district manager. A real success story.

But then those demons caught up with her again.

One bad decision has cost her everything.

Maybe she’ll make it back to where she was.

I sincerely hope so. It breaks my heart to watch people I care for fall like this.

I have a friend, a brother, who is going through some rough things medically.

If you pray please keep him in mind.

I won’t give his name here; He will know who you’re talking about.

As a matter of fact, pray for all three of them. They all need it. Pray for safety. Pray for help. Pray for healing.

That’s it. That’s the post.


The Job

A lady stopped me while I was working today and asked for help, which I am usually more than happy to give.

I don’t have to, I don’t work for the store, but sometimes the associates are so swamped with other customers and working freight that I do.

I’m part of that team as well as my team.

Anywho, she needed help. I’m standing there waiting for the request and noticed a little widening of the eyes. And then she asked…

β€œAre you on work release?”


Points to my lanyard.


β€œYes, ma’am. Can I help you?”

She turned and walked away.

I swear, some people.

Meet my cellie.

And some days I’d wear an orange jumpsuit to work just so none of them would bother me.

That’s it. That’s the post.


Work, Family, and DISAPPOINTMENT

I work for a company that contracts for a large chain. A large chain that makes big swooping changes that don’t take into account the lives that it changes. I found out today that one of those changes will affect me personally.

I’ve been with the company for nearly six years. We are encouraged to build relationships with the people we work around that are associates of the company we contract for. Now, I’m no extrovert, but, I do like to joke around and have fun while I work and a lot of these folks do bring out the good in me.

In building these relationships for work I have (let’s go Southern) “done messed around and made friends”.

I love these people.


Before this I worked in the pest control industry. One of the companies I worked for was Carolina Pest Management in Monroe, NC. It was operated and owned by the Dodd family and the head of the clan not only took care of us like we were family, we were family. He has since passed away. He was a good man, mentor, and friend.

While I worked there I was lucky enough to work under James Register. Jimmy was ex-military and so was I, so we kind of gravitated towards each other. He taught me a lot. Mostly he taught me that we are doing more than a service. We are selling ourselves. We build relationships. And we might mess around and make a friend or two.

In my time there, I was witness to many things in homes that we weren’t allowed to talk about. Kind of an unwritten confidentiality clause that Mr. Dodd insisted upon. We were invited into folks homes, we didn’t air their dirty laundry or secrets.

I was witness to divorces, people losing jobs, homes, families giving up. Death. A lot of bad.

I was also witness to births, new marriages, graduations, Christmas secrets, firsts for kids, and all the good things that happen to a family.

In all of this we became a small part of those families.


So here I am, a couple of decades later still making relationships. I work hard, I do what’s right, and I always finish the job to the very best of my ability. In making these relationships and working I find a hard truth presents itself.

I’m not just working for the money.

I’m doing my job because it affects these people around me. What I do matters in some small way because if what I do isn’t done then what goes on top of that in this house of cards (pretty shaky sometimes, lol. Sorry. Guess you have to be in retail) won’t balance just right. We are dependent upon one another.

It goes deeper than that.

I don’t want to disappoint the people I work with. Not, because I’m worried what the boss thinks. These people are my friends. It’s a ripple effect. If I don’t do mine and they don’t do theirs it affects so much more. Sales, raises, promotions, and on and on. Things that someone sitting in an office somewhere doing percentages might never really know the cause of.

We are dependent upon one another.

I see these folks at their best times and their worst times. And they see me at mine. We share a part of our lives with each other and support each other. When one of us is hurt we all hurt. When one of us has good news we all share in the joy.

In that, we are family.

Skunk, my friend, this part is just for you. I will miss you being around. I will definitely miss working with you whenever I was at your location. It ain’t right, but I know you’ll land on your feet wherever you go. More than a manager, you’re my friend. We will miss you, brother. God bless and keep you. (He ain’t dead, he’s just moving on. This part is for whoever is reading this. Dry your eyes.)

And this is why I write and post here every day. Sometimes if you don’t get the words out of your head that your heart is pushing you to, it will drive you crazy.

Work not because you boss is on your butt to get it done or for a paycheck. Work because the people around you are dependent upon you. We all work together and get things done.

Who knows? You might make a friend or two.