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In My Way

I woke up at 4:30 AM today. I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was exhausted last night and crashed a little after ten.

I was dreading today. I really wanted to just call in and do it tomorrow. But then I’d have to give up my Saturday, and that just won’t do.

So I made the coffee and was sitting there reading through a few things wishing I’d set a camera up for nightlapse because of the Lyrids meteor shower and getting ready for the day.

When you don’t want to go, you make yourself go.

God puts things and people in your way.

By in your way I don’t mean that as necessarily a bad thing.

Sometimes it’s a hurdle to get over. Sometimes it’s someone who is kind to you.

Sometimes it’s just a thing. A thing you need at the moment.

I was driving along the same road I use most everyday to get to my first stop. Doing my windshield time. I can do this drive with my eyes closed. And I looked up and saw this.

At first I thought it was part of the Lyrids. I found out later from the wife that it was so much cooler. It was the SpaceX launch this morning.

This brought a huge grin to my face. I needed to be right there, right then.

I needed to see this this morning, to capture it, to make my morning better. To make my whole day better.

And it did.

That’s it. That’s the post.


Knights To Nomads: Interlude

So we’re at a stall in the story. Nothing going on at all out on site this week. I have reached out to the Kershaw County School District to try and find out if I should get a picture of what it’s going to look like, or a peek at the plans. So today I strung together some of the old footage and included a short flyby of where were at today. Enjoy.

A lot of wind today and I think I have a warped propeller on the drone so that needs looking into.


I Have To Try

I’m going to try a little something new.

I’m going to remove virtually all social media from my phone. I’ll leave social media apps on my iPad, but on my phone it’s just a distraction during the day.

Work to do, family to be with.

I’m keeping Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram is more the pics for me. If things start getting too political or woke on an account I’ll stop following. I love some of the people I follow and the way they see the world. Plus, I have some actual friends on there.


Twitter isn’t social media. Twitter is anti-social for the most part. Sure you’ll run across the odd egg that’s genuine and wants to interact, I experienced that this week. Besides the fact that Twitter is short and fast, hardly a distraction. I might check that on a break but not during work all day.

Man I miss the Plus. Shows how old this pic is.

So anyway, it’s a plan. Not a fully realized “yes this will work” plan, but a plan.


This is coming from some old experiences and some more recent. The groups I’ve joined on FB are okay but you hit that occasional one where everybody in the group thinks they know exactly how the world should work. And they’re wrong. I’m fifty-two years old and I STILL don’t know how the world works. I still don’t understand women. But that’s another story.

The whole world is a German Circus.


The whole world is mad…

An old Facebook memory that made me think again...

I’m on the road a lot every day for work. The other day coming home, a car driving by me either kicked something up or something flew off the car, the result for me was a busted driver side mirror.

We live in a wonderful time. I pulled over to check and make sure there was no other damage. Then I whipped out my iPhone (always connected to the internet and the rest of you) jumped over to Amazon where my truck is already saved in my garage and ordered a new mirror.

Two days and five minutes later all is good. Used to be we would have had to hitch up the mules and drive two days into town and order the part, ride the mules back home, wait two weeks to go back to town again and get the part then trade one of the mules for it.

Life is so easy, why is everybody in the world so mad all the time?


From Knights To Nomads: The Tear Down Part 1

This isn’t going to mean a thing to a lot of people that might come across it but I’m documenting the demolition of our high school here and there.

If you’re just joining us we were hit by a tornado several months ago and the school is being torn down to make way for the new construction.

And I bought a DJI Mavic Mini yesterday. I have a few slight complaints but I’m impressed with the quality of the drone and the video.


Square One or I’ve Been Here Before…

I’m was at home yesterday because my wife’s car broke down and we are limited to one vehicle for a couple of days, so she works during the day and (I AM THE NIGHT!) I get the car after she gets home The thing is she’s out helping people as she’s in the medical field. My job, while important to the household, isn’t improving or saving lives. Luckily, my position with my company is extremely flexible (even though I’m not, physically).

I’m going to have to work evenings the rest of the week, which sucks. But I don’t like just being at home waiting, it doesn’t feel right. Sitting here during the day waiting to be tired enough to sleep. Switching my sleep schedule in the middle of the week. I’ve got to be able to go to work and get stuff done. So it’s going to be a long boring couple of days for me.

But you do what you have to for your family, yeah? I haven’t found one thing that I wouldn’t do for mine. Nothing. They’re all I have.

Dinner al fresco. Fancy.

So work wise I’m back at square one, hence the title.

I’ve got a new trainee, part time. The company hired him while he has a full time job as well which makes it extremely hard to train him as he can’t match schedule with me most days. We will see what we will see.

The other part time help has taken another job which is fine, but as predicted they up and quit in the middle of their notice. Which leaves extra work for me.

So here I am, back at square one.

Meeting Day

I’m heading off to a meeting this morning. It’s the first tome I’ve met many of these folk and I’m having a little anxiety about that. Some I only know through conference calls and some I’ve met.


I’ve met four. I don’t like not having a proper read on people before I’m thrown into a major social situation with them.

I’m a merchandiser for a large national chain and as it is we don’t get to meet everyone on our team. Some are lifers, some we never meet because they just don’t last. It’s weird that I’ve met a lot of these people’s part time help and have worked with them. I’ve been to a lot of their stores and seen their work. But I’ve not met them.

I’m hoping for a very positive experience. I’m hoping we iron out some of the kinks just by voicing our opinions. We shall see.

About time to get on the road.

And so it goes…