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Seegars And The Traveling Pain

This will be short but it has a point.

You younguns might not know it yet, but one day you’re not just gonna jump outta bed.

No. You will have to come to a way of exiting your resting place that’s agreeable with whatever is hurting that morning.

Worse, you may have to find a way to enter your resting place that’s agreeable to you at night.

There’s going to be a traveling pain.

Shoulder pain, hip pain, leg pain, elbow pain, neck pain, etc.

If you’re lucky, you’ll only have one of those at a time.

That pain isn’t there all the time but it’s their most of the time.

You’ll learn to live with it. You’ll learn to compensate. And that’s why it travels sometimes.

I’m just giving you a glimpse of the futureβ€”something to look forward to.

Every day above ground is a good one. But it can also be painful. πŸ˜‰

That’s it. That’s the post.


Health, iOS 14, Work

Well, my leg didn’t fall off. The pain subsided over night. I think this may be an incurable malady called…getting old.

I’m not ancient, but I’m not a teenager. I heal slower than I did in previous decades. Every day is a new pain, and I’m just going to have to adapt. I need to start stretching and exercising more. Keep loose. I think that would help greatly. We shall see.

iOS 14 is downloading to this device as I type this and I am fairly excited about the new design.

Widgets on the home screen and I can make it more my own.

Yes, Android has always done this and it’s (was) one of my biggest pet peeves about Apple. It was also one of my greatest loves of Android. So this makes me a happy camper.

And then there’s work. I have two stores in inventory this week and had Monday off because I worked the weekend.

And that’s okay! I’m the full time guy and I have two part timers I’m responsible for. They do pretty well for me and we got each other’s backs. I figure they shouldn’t have to work every weekend so they split the stores (four of them) one weekend and I take the next weekend.

There’s no reason these weekend deals the company makes should make all of us come to a full stop Sat/Sun.

This is how we make our money.

The travel time (paid) and mileage (paid) between stores means I’m listening to podcasts like it’s my job those days and the work isn’t so bad.

At least it’s clean.


We’re filling hand sanitizers and distributing gallons of the stuff throughout the stores every day.

My hands are so clean I can heal lepers.