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It used to be that I would follow what was fed to me through all the major outlets.

As I age, I detect the smell of bullsh*t more easily. You can call it a refinement of the senses with age.


Many people would label me for not believing what is spoon fed to me every day.

In the official language of Newspeak, the word crimethink describes the intellectual actions of a person who entertains and holds politically unacceptable thoughts; thus the government of the Party controls the speech, the actions, and the thoughts of the citizens of Oceania.

In contemporary English usage, the word thoughtcrime describes beliefs that are contrary to accepted norms of society, and is used to describe theological concepts, such as disbelief and idolatry, and the rejection of an ideology.

From a Wikipedia article on Orwell’s 1984.

Post Stolen From Twitter

Whether it’s the government, SJWs, pharmaceutical companies, etc., I am a thought criminal.

I’m going to make my own informed decision.

That’s it. That’s the post.


Show Me Your Papers…

I responded to a Facebook post today about our county recycling centers and the fact that they now want you to show your identification there to prove you’re a resident of our county.

I’m against it.

Why? Because we live in a country where we shouldn’t have to do this.

As it stands we already show our ID to buy alcohol, cigarettes, start a bank account, get a loan, drive a car (the main reason for that ID), purchase a firearm (which is your right as an American citizen) and so many other things.

Why should I have to show ID to throw my garbage out at the dump, but not have to show my ID at the voting booth? And we all know that’s where we really need to take out the garbage. (Thanks to my friend Diane for that one, made me laugh and think on the subject.)

To me it’s the small things, like this, that sneak in.

The water that drips on that one spot until it’s a crack.

Then that weakened spot where the crack has formed becomes larger and larger until the roof caves in or the wall falls.

And then the whole thing is a mess and you have to start from scratch.

Maintaining your freedoms is a lot like taking care of anything else.

You have to put the work in. You have to keep an eye on things.

You have to care.


Guilty Until Proven Innocent

imageYeah, That’s what we’ve come to. You have to prove your innocence now. The burden is no longer on the government to prove your guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt, that’s how it used to be. If you are even hinted at being involved in a crime now you’ll be tried, sentenced and executed by the court of public opinion long before you see your day in court. There won’t be an impartial jury thanks to social media, you’re already guilty. So why even have a trial when we can just consult a handy FB/Twitter poll and save the taxpayer a little money.

Selfie saves Texas man from serving up to 99 years in prison

This little rant was brought to you by this news story. The part that really grabbed me was this:

“We are always willing to listen and examine new information, and that’s exactly what we did in this case,” Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza said.

Wow, how ow about evidence that the guy actually committed the crime without him having to prove his innocence which is the part I don’t get about this. Innocent until proven guilty has turned into guilty until proven innocent.

Good luck in the future to this guy and I hope he gets in to the military.

Thank God for selfies, huh?

Welcome to Newmerica.