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Not What We Expected, But…

Our adventure day sorta changed because we had to drop big sis off at band camp in the middle of the day. But hey, we’re with the band. We do band things. We don’t complain.

We drove around a bit after that. Ran by the auto parts store (just to look #ManlyThings) and then I stopped by an old cemetery he’s never been to before.

From Olde English District: The Scotch Cemetery is a testament to the Scottish pioneers who settled the area in the 18th century. The village was originally called Lynchwood for its position between the Lynches River and the Little Lynches River. The settlement’s burial ground was established in 1799. Located on State Road S-28-113 (outskirts of the Town of Bethune).

Which is pretty cool. The founders of the town are buried here.

And the gate has a phenomenal creak, which Samfive5five enjoyed.

Topped off our afternoon with an experiment. He had fun, all things considered, and that’s what matters to me.

(MacSeegars will get there eventually.)

And that’s the day.


The whole world is mad…

An old Facebook memory that made me think again...

I’m on the road a lot every day for work. The other day coming home, a car driving by me either kicked something up or something flew off the car, the result for me was a busted driver side mirror.

We live in a wonderful time. I pulled over to check and make sure there was no other damage. Then I whipped out my iPhone (always connected to the internet and the rest of you) jumped over to Amazon where my truck is already saved in my garage and ordered a new mirror.

Two days and five minutes later all is good. Used to be we would have had to hitch up the mules and drive two days into town and order the part, ride the mules back home, wait two weeks to go back to town again and get the part then trade one of the mules for it.

Life is so easy, why is everybody in the world so mad all the time?


Good Day

So I have successfully completed another revolution around the sun today.

I went to work this morning, spent the afternoon with the kids, and tonight we had dinner and spent time together.

Cake and presents were the icing on the, er, cake.

And LOTS of well wishes from friends which were greatly appreciated.

Yep, today was a good day.

And I did something at least creative.



No, not the TV show. That ended some time ago, badly. But that’s an argument for another time.

No, I lost one of my favorite glasses last night. The ThinkGeek cobalt blue Geek glass. I had it for quite some time. I didn’t get mad. I said it was just a glass.

But, grrrrrrr.

This too shall pass, I suppose. ThinkGeek doesn’t sell them anymore. I haven’t found one online anywhere, yet. If you know of one out there anywhere, hook a brotha up.

The breakage happened while she was washing dishes. Accidents happen. Ah, well.

She isn’t allowed to touch my other favorite.

I procured this particular mug at The Irish Pub in Nurenberg, Germany. I have had this in my possession for 25+ years. It has a sentimental attachment for me. I’ve actually had a Guinness sitting in one of my very favorite places in the world from this beer mug. This was while I was a soldier there. I remember who was sitting with me. I remember the conversation. I can almost smell the pub and hear the music when I use this mug.

It’s very special.

Not that I lean into getting too attached to the material. Things disappear or get broken.

(She still can’t touch it.)



Man, Sunday flies by fast! Got up this morning had a couple cups of coffee, got ready to go to church, came home and ate lunch. Went out to do a little shopping, and the sun is already sinking low in the sky.

I love my weekends. But I can’t stand Sunday coming to an end because that means Monday is going to start. I don’t dread going back to work, but I don’t love it either.

The whole list starts over again, and there’s going to be extra added into it as we go. And we’ll probably end up with a surprise activity or two. But that’s the way it goes, isn’t it?

This next month is never ending stress it seems. There’s the Christmas shopping to do, a letterman jacket to pay for, a band trip to Disney World to put even more money into. I’m going to pull this off, it’s just stressful. It’s stressful on the wife as well, but she holds up fine. Much stronger than me and in control of her emotions.

Me? This is my stress relief right here. This keeps me calm for the most part. I’m not saying I still don’t stress out or get angry over something stupid, I ain’t perfect.

No one ever told me that having children would be as stressful as it is. Yes, children are a joy and a blessing, but they can be some of the worst times you’ll ever have in your life. I guess that’s why God gives us those really, really proud moments, the winning moments where nothing can touch you and everything is as bright shiny as it can possibly be. And I live for those moments.

This is just a rant out here on the road by myself.

This too shall pass.

Winding this up well after sundown. Sitting here waiting on a little Chinese takeout and trying to decide how to run my week.

There’s a plan in everything and that goes for life and the work week.