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The week that never ended…

I’m going back to work tomorrow, apparently. I knew it was coming. Some folk don’t know how to keep things straight and tell one manager one thing then the other manager the other and get their lie all kinds of messed up.

Having someone I trust lie to me makes me ill. Not just in mood but I feel it physically. I hate that kind of let down.

If you don’t want to do something tell me you don’t want to do it. Have the dignity to tell the truth.

When you lie to me I know exactly what you think of me.

You don’t have any respect for me or yourself.

That’s it. That’s the post.


The whole world is mad…

An old Facebook memory that made me think again...

I’m on the road a lot every day for work. The other day coming home, a car driving by me either kicked something up or something flew off the car, the result for me was a busted driver side mirror.

We live in a wonderful time. I pulled over to check and make sure there was no other damage. Then I whipped out my iPhone (always connected to the internet and the rest of you) jumped over to Amazon where my truck is already saved in my garage and ordered a new mirror.

Two days and five minutes later all is good. Used to be we would have had to hitch up the mules and drive two days into town and order the part, ride the mules back home, wait two weeks to go back to town again and get the part then trade one of the mules for it.

Life is so easy, why is everybody in the world so mad all the time?



I want you to think back to when your firstborn child came into the world, if you’re a parent.

Think about holding that tiny baby and how you would do anything in the world for that child. You would kill or die for that kid.

Well, unless you’re the worst parent in the world, you still feel that way.

I’m writing this from the bottom. I’ve been here before. I always claw my way back up to the top, faith renewed and waiting for the next hit. I always get back up.

My daughter tore my heart out last night. She has lied, she has done things that I never thought she would be capable of. She has tested my faith in the fact that she actually cares if I’m a part of her life or if I’m alive and breathing.

I am in a word, heartbroken.

And I would still kill or die for this kid. That doesn’t change.

My wife and I have a solid marriage. I’m not saying we never fight or that everything is perfect, anyone who says that is lying. That’s part of being a couple. We work our hardest and do our best to give both of our children a great life. They want for nothing. I think we’ve given them more than they need though, and that’s going to stop.

Social media can be a great thing. You can communicate, connect, and learn new things. You can expand your mind and knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. Anything under the sun.

That’s you, most likely reading this as an adult. You have wisdom and experience to rationalize what you read and make an informed decision about most anything.

Social media can poison the mind of a child. A child’s friends will poison their mind as well. They don’t have the tools needed to handle and filter what is put before them.

So I’m trying to figure out what to do. I have taken my child’s electronics. Phone, laptop, iPad. Gone.

She doesn’t have an online presence at the moment. She may not get it back. If she’s not at school she’s with me and the wife, or my parents. There’s nowhere she isn’t watched by someone who is trusted with her safety both physically and mentally.

I just needed to write this down. I was in tears this morning on the way to work. I didn’t break down last night in front of her. I won’t. But this morning in the car all alone it hit me hard.

One day I won’t be there to guide her and that scares me.

Time to grow up. Now.