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Road Warrior, Too

The Colonial pipeline is back in operation. I wonder if some dude in a dark room coded our way out of this or if the ransom was paid?

It will be several days before everything is back to normal. That’s okay. The world needs to slow down anyway.

We have one station in town, Robert’s, that has any fuel in their tanks.

People aren’t making a mad rush for fuel. I was able to fill back up on the Ranger yesterday on the way home. The problem is that it has turned fake winter here again and I still haven’t replaced the heater core in the Ranger. So it was chilly riding yesterday.

I’m working overnight tonight so I went to town to fill up the Escape, which has no AC but does have heat.

So here I am.

Time for a shower and shave. I’m going to eat some lunch, watch some TV, and sleep the rest of the afternoon until they get home this evening.

Then it’s time to go to work.

That’s it. That’s the post.