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Knights To Nomads Part 5

The wife shared a post by Chad Dixon today and I’m glad someone else is interested in this like I am.

This is a part of our shared history, Knights. This will not return in the same form with the old spirit. No, the new Knights will have to build on a past that has lost its foundation. I would say pardon the pun but the foundation is all that’s left, really.

They’ll keep it going and so will I.

Thanks for reading and watching.


Good Day

So I have successfully completed another revolution around the sun today.

I went to work this morning, spent the afternoon with the kids, and tonight we had dinner and spent time together.

Cake and presents were the icing on the, er, cake.

And LOTS of well wishes from friends which were greatly appreciated.

Yep, today was a good day.

And I did something at least creative.


Trying To Find Peace (In A Hectic World)

This will be a very short post about a very short problem. I’m trying my best this week and (quite literally) thank God it’s Friday tomorrow. The passed couple of weeks have been rough. I’m feeling a bit dejected and I don’t know where it’s coming from.

Current Mood

Luckily, one of my friends (we’ll call him Pedro) has decided to try a different path in life and as way leads on to way he’s leading me and another friend down that path with him.

I met these two on the internet.

I have never met them in real life.

There were four of us

Yeah, there used to be another and he passed. That was a rough spot for those of us who were left. We remember him every year and mark his passing.

Those of us who are left have had our relationship, health, family problems, etc. But somehow it just makes us stronger. We discuss with each other what we can’t with other people in our lives sometimes. It goes to show that a man can be afraid and still be a man. Sometimes you gotta have backup. Both from your friends and from higher powers.

Here’s to the #Graybeards. I don’t think you truly know what y’all mean to me.



No, not the TV show. That ended some time ago, badly. But that’s an argument for another time.

No, I lost one of my favorite glasses last night. The ThinkGeek cobalt blue Geek glass. I had it for quite some time. I didn’t get mad. I said it was just a glass.

But, grrrrrrr.

This too shall pass, I suppose. ThinkGeek doesn’t sell them anymore. I haven’t found one online anywhere, yet. If you know of one out there anywhere, hook a brotha up.

The breakage happened while she was washing dishes. Accidents happen. Ah, well.

She isn’t allowed to touch my other favorite.

I procured this particular mug at The Irish Pub in Nurenberg, Germany. I have had this in my possession for 25+ years. It has a sentimental attachment for me. I’ve actually had a Guinness sitting in one of my very favorite places in the world from this beer mug. This was while I was a soldier there. I remember who was sitting with me. I remember the conversation. I can almost smell the pub and hear the music when I use this mug.

It’s very special.

Not that I lean into getting too attached to the material. Things disappear or get broken.

(She still can’t touch it.)


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