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From Knights To Nomads: Pt. 3

Everybody has a hobby and I love drones and taking pics. Drones give a different perspective than you can get from the ground, obviously.

I love being able to get over a fence (without breaking any laws) and being able to see inside places I normally wouldn’t.

If you’re just catching up with me on these posts, our high school was hit by a tornado back in late January. It has been almost eight months.

This is us coming back.

I would say enjoy but this is more for information and letting the locals see what’s being done. Enjoy doesn’t seem to be the right word.

Some folks need this. I hope that here give people a little peace or closure. I know this affected a lot of people, both present and past students were hurt by this.


Holding Pattern

I was going to hit a few spots with the new drone today on the way home but some serious rain came in.

And that’s okay. I don’t mind the rain.

Severe storms, lightning, thunder, those get to me. Scare me.

Anyway, drones. They don’t do so well with water.

Gotta protect the investment.

Right before the real rain hit. The devil was beating his wife.


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