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Joe’s Classic Video Games

Sam is a video game fanatic and he has decided that he wants to collect some of the older consoles and pieces.

As long as he’s doing this with his money he gets for Christmas, birthdays, and allowance I’m okay with that. It’s his money.

As close to heaven as he needs to be at the moment.

We visited Joe’s Classic Video Games in Rock Hill, SC today. I have to say, very neat store.

The store has lots of free to play free standing old school arcade games.

The gentleman running the store, who I assume is Joe, was extremely friendly. He talked with Sam just like an adult and made him feel important. This was after all his deal, I was just the transport.

The one thing Sam was looking for was a Nintendo 64. The price was very reasonable and we walked out of the store with a lot more than we bargained for, but again, his money not mine.

His new precious.
To the victor go the spoils, I guess.

If you’re in the market for some great retro gaming pieces give Joe a look. You won’t be disappointed. Link to the store and it’s information above.

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