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Today Was…

Today was very middle of the road.

I got up. I drank my coffee. I went to work. I did the job (and then some). I had drive today. Possibly because of my accomplishment from yesterday.

Nothing big happened work related, nothing major. It was just a day.

And it was perfect.

I enjoyed it. I hope tomorrow is as bland. 😏

It doesn’t always have to be exciting. Some of my best days are nothing to write about.

Even though I just did.

Walmartians in the rain. Getting it done.

That’s it. That’s the post.


Pure Friendship

Geisel is the old man of the house but has been friends with Sam since we brought him home. He doesn’t like people getting in his face but will bump noses with Sam. He actually loves the boy.

That’s it. That’s the post.


The Day Won’t End

I am currently making a shirt for my daughter to give as a gift.

Meet My Maker

After this I’ma sit down with a cup of coffee and watch the last episode of series ten of Taskmaster. My wife has decided that she really likes a show that I like.

That’s a win for me.


That’s it. That’s the post.


One Of Those Days

Went to work and it was a half day I coulda split to the rest of the week.

Took my son to the doctor last week thinking he was sick and got a negative test for strep. Back today…it’s strep! (At least it’s not Covid. Thank God.)

I had a dental appointment that did not go as planned.

But you know what? Even on a bad day I have good things to look at.

I could not have a job.

I could not have insurance to help take care of my families medical needs.

We could be completely screwed.

But we aren’t.

The thing about the bad days is that there are always good days to look ahead to. They can’t all be the best day ever because then there’d never be a best day ever.

That would be a bland and boring life indeed.

You’d not know true joy. You wouldn’t build any character. No experience.

And without experience, no wisdom.

So here’s to better days.

Stopped at one of my favorite places on the way in this morning.

That’s it. That’s the post.


It’s Monday.

Or will be for another couple of hours.

The daughter got straight A’s on her report card. That’s the good.

She also needed to go to the doctor today so the wife took her to our family pediatrician who will see our children well into their teen years.

The doc ain’t about making extra money due to the discomfort of children. He truly cares for them. They aren’t just a sickness making their way through his office.

Translate this as no Covid test without reason.

She has a double ear infection. That’s the bad.

Meds prescribed. Problem will be taken care of. All sorted.

And me? I went to work. I worked. And for my trouble I broke my glasses.

My troubles are minuscule compared to what some of my friends are going through.

One dealing with a major illness.

One dealing with Covid.

Others dealing with deaths in the family.

No. I have no problems compared to them.

So I’m not complaining. I’m praying for them.


I received a thing in the mail today. A morale patch for my everyday bag.

People on both sides might assign me this title after something I posted today. I don’t care. I can’t.

These are rough times politically in the United States. Everyone wants power. The people seem to have none. I’m worried. But life does have to go on. So I’m doing my thing. Making the best of it.

And watching.

That’s it. That’s the post.



I’ll get up and have my coffee, get ready, and head out.

I’m going to vote first, as is my right.

Then I’m going to travel freely between there and my place of business, as is my right.

I’ll be there for several hours, performing tasks in exchange for a wage I have agreed to, as is my right.

And my employer will let me, or not, as is their right.

Then I’ll come home and enjoy the fruits of my labor, as is my…well, I think you’re beginning to get the point of this.

No matter what happens tomorrow we all need to be on the same page, chapter and verse about what we are as a country.

I know it isn’t going to happen but I am hopeful that some of us can see eye to eye. There are those of us who don’t wish to harm another living soul. To just live peacefully and enjoy what we’ve worked for. Some of us will even help out folk from time to time if we feel it’s necessary. And if it’s welcome.

Be peaceful. Be kind. Be decent.



Watching CBSs EVIL on Netflix. It’s very good. Interesting.

We finished watching Elementary last night. The show had some great heart string pulling moments between Miller and Liu. We became tied to the show because of the back and forth between them and to us the payoff from that relationship made it well worth watching.

But then, I’ve been a Johnny Lee Miller fan since Hackers.

  • Sherlock Holmes : Look. I’ve never felt any pressure from you that I co-parent. But, your idea that I take *no* responsibility for raising your child is naΓ―ve. It’s not that I think you’re incapable of raising a child on your own. Of course you are. But, short of us dissolving our partnership, I’m not capable of not being involved. No-no, not as a child’s father, but as its mother’s friend.
  • [Deeply sincere and with great regard]
  • I mean, I’d lay down my life for you. So, if you succeed in adopting a child, I’d lay down my life for him or her’s. It’s as simple as that.
  • Dr. Joan Watson : Have you thought about what you wanna be called by my kid? I mean, assuming… I get one.[At his surprised silence]
  • Dr. Joan Watson : I was thinking… Uncle Sherlock.
  • Sherlock Holmes : Yeah, well, I’ve been called worse. I’d also settle for Detective.
  • Dr. Joan Watson : My child is not calling you *Detective*.
  • Sherlock Holmes : [Shrugging, but obviusly touched] Well, Uncle Detective, then.

That scene got an β€œawwwww” from me and the wife. And the show is full of them.

Both characters change each other over the course of the series.

He makes her a detective and a more critical thinker.

She makes him human.

And now we have to find something else to watch.

The end of a favorite series is like the death of someone close.


Better Off

Sometimes you’re better off not knowing.

This is a tree just off of an overlook on the BRP in North Carolina. Something I always remember. There are probably tens of thousands of pics of it. This one is mine. My moment in time no one else captured.

Not knowing things, secrets, plans. To be blissfully unaware of certain information can be a blessing.

Sometimes you can know a person for six years and will have been far better off in not knowing them at all.

I needed to write that down to remind myself that I am not the problem. I not only have to remind myself that I don’t care but, more importantly, can’t.

I don’t have room in my heart nor head for it. So we’ll put this in the trash file of my mind and wait for it to finally delete itself from the severely fragmented hard drive of my mind.

Until, I don’t know the thing anymore.


The week is nearly over.

Up at 3:00 out the door by 3:30. Arrived at work at 4:30.

Left at 4:00. On the road by 4:05. Back at home by 5:00.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Dedication sometimes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

But somehow staying loyal to what I say I will do is always what it’s cracked up to be.

And so I continue.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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