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Late Reviews: Detectorists

I think it was several years ago that I came across a UK show called Detectorists on Netflix.

The show stars Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones, both of whom I’ve seen and enjoyed in other shows and films.

Crook does triple duty on this as he writes and directs the show as well.

It’s a comedy about Andy and Lance and β€œthe lives of two eccentric metal detectorists, who spend their days plodding along plowed tracks and open fields, hoping to disturb the tedium by unearthing the fortune of a lifetime.” It’s also about their personal everyday lives.

Detectorists isn’t an in-your-face type of comedy. The belly laughs are far between. What it does offer is a unique comical look at two quirky fellas.

It isn’t a laugh-out-loud type of thing. You become involved in the characters and what happens to them (if you have a heart), and most episodes you’ll just get a quiet smile and sense of enjoyment. It’s very hard to explain and British comedy usually is as an American.

I’m in the third and final season now, and for such a small show that’s way outside what I would usually watch, I find myself really pulling for the guys!

And I’m done.

These guys have spent three seasons searching for gold and never realized all along that the real treasure is the friendships and family all around them.


Five stars from me. Very well done.

My taste isn’t everyone’s. And I don’t care. Lol

That’s it. That’s the post.