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This Is Different

Any other time I walk in my sons room and he has a set of headphones on his head talking to his friends (you have friends?!) plugging away at Fortnite.

Tonight I walked in to this…

Yes. We’ve pulled out the Legos.

I am pleased. On his own he has decided on something at least creative.

So Mario in Lego. Interesting.

Paused for the evening. Artists are temperamental.

In search of blocks and running low on colors and shapes the artiste has taken a break for the evening.

I like this.

That’s it. That’s the post.


Missed A Day

I was doing so well too. For twenty days straight I’ve posted and then one little misstep.

Meh. Work, shopping, kids, haircut, more shopping.

The day after fake Black Friday is busy for me. I went to work a couple of stores, came home to grab the family and then went out to shop a bit for an item I really needed. I couldn’t find it in the price range I want to afford, so that’s not happening at the moment. Live within you means as best as possible. Doing without isn’t always a bad thing.


I have a lady at a Great Clips here that I hope realizes her dream of one day opening her own shop.

Kwamane (sp?) is very personable and always does a great job. It’s a joy to go see her and I always leave looking my best. We’ve actually become friends.

I didn’t know until a couple of weeks ago that they trimmed and shaped beards. Now I do so I won’t be shaving this scruff off after all.

She trimmed and shaped me up nicely. I had thought about shaving it off but now I’m keeping it.

I like the grey.


Watching Mission: Impossible – Fallout this morning.

That’s going to be number six in the series this week. I love these movies.


And that’s it for yesterday and this morning except for the pot of coffee I’ve drank.

Today’s mug was made for me by a local artist when she was six or so.

She’s sleeping about forty feet away in her room.

Me and her are still working on things. But I’ve seen a lot of change the last few days.