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Ghost Cat

Before Fibble and Geisel we had Smoky and Ashley.

Smoky on the left, Ashley on the right.

Sadly, as pets do, they’ve both passed on now.

Now, I love all my kids equally, but Ashley was without a doubt my cat, as much as any cat can be anyone else’s. I was her human is probably the correct way to put it. I was her favorite human. She was always by my side, much like Fibble is now.

I loved that little cat, so much so that when we changed living room furniture I had to find a chair that wasn’t just comfortable for me but for Ashley as well. She always laid at my left shoulder. (Wow, Sam! On your left!) So I would look for a chair that had a cushion where she could make her spot.

I hadn’t realized until just now that Fibble does the same thing. She likes to lay on my left. This chair is a lot higher so it’s probably a β€œlooking down on the mere human” type of thing.

I’ve been watching Fibble lately, she has developed some nerve issues in her back. Not really bad, just sensitive enough to make her a little edgy. I’ll catch her out of the corner of my eye in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. and I just watch to make sure that everything’s okay. She is very important to me, she gives me comfort, and I want to return that favor.

Here’s the thing though.

I’ll see her out of the corner of my eye in the kitchen and then walk into the living room and she’s asleep in our chair. This is all in the space of ten seconds.

That’s not Fibble I’m catching out of the corner of my eye sometimes. It’s Ashley.

It sounds crazy. I sound crazy. But this does happen.

Fibble in her night spot.

I think what I’ve got is a guardian angel. She’s just helping Fibble, her younger sister, watch over me.

I’m okay with that.

That’s it. That’s the post.


Hickory, NC Man Claims He Spotted Three Bigfoot

A Hickory, NC man has claimed to have spotted and made a ten minute video of three Bigfoot.

HICKORY, N.C. β€” A Hickory man has shared video claiming it shows an encounter with three Bigfoots in the North Carolina foothills.

Doug Teague said he shot the video two weeks ago while retrieving game cameras he set up in a wooded area of McDowell County.

Teague said he was walking back to his truck with his dog, “Crazy Daisy,” when the encounter happened.

“A rock was thrown. [My dog] chased it,” he said. “I just kinda stopped, took the phone out, gazed the hill.”Β 

He said that’s when he spotted three different Bigfoots watching him from a hill.

He said he recorded about 10 minutes of video during the encounter; he shared a snippet of it with NBC Charlotte.

“[I was] like a giddy school kid,” he said. “Just nervous, heart beating. It was crazy.”

He’s a member of the Catawba Valley Bigfoot Research Club in McDowell County.

The county’s considered a hotspot for Bigfoot sightings, though the path leading to this larger-than-life creature often goes cold.

Scientists argue there is no evidence Bigfoot exists, and many consider it a myth.

“There’s probably a lot more evidence than people realize,” he said. “People hide it. They don’t want people to ridicule them.”

I don’t know what to think. I’m very curious about cryptids and related subject matter but I’m also a huge skeptic. Like a friend of mine says, “be a skeptic until ya can’t”.

The previous article is from Channel 36 news NBC Charlotte, NC.