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I’ve known it my whole life, but some of the people around you will darken your soul.

In their action, word, and deed.

Sometimes they leave a stain that won’t come out no matter how many good deeds you do or how kind you are.

That stain will always be there because you know what you allowed to happen.

Sorry so dark tonight.

Just what’s weighing on my mind.

That’s it. That’s the post.


Found A Thing I Like

I’ve had a very negative thing happen for a Tuesday.

I posted on Twitter about it and I’m not going to here. It’s a very sad turn of events and that’s that.

I saw a thing on the way home. Looks like everyone was okay. Someone’s always probably having a worse day than you.

The thing I like came to me late tonight just before I started writing this.

A friend posted his website and his music to a chat. He has never pushed his creation on me and now I’m a little behind on a very cool thing.

Ladies and gentlemen,

One more time for the people in the back:

I don’t find newer music that I like a lot but instantly liked two of the track on one of his albums πš†πšŽ πšƒπš‘πšŽ π™ΏπšŽπš˜πš™πš•πšŽ and headed on over to Apple Music and downloaded the album. I’ll probably play each song at least 280 times.

Always nice to find a positive spot in an otherwise mess of a day.

That’s it. That’s the post.


A Complete Waste Of A Day

I wasn’t able to go to work today because of the car situation. The mechanic has been:

  • Quoted the wrong price.
  • Sent the kit for the repair without compressor.
  • Received the right processor.
  • The compressor he received was bad.

I just want to go to work and come home.

I made no plans for the day because the car was supposed to be ready mid morning. I have a lot of projects to do around the house but nothing I’m comfortable leaving halfway done.

I couldn’t really enjoy the time because I’ve been half ready to take off to work today.

So I’ve been in a weird limbo all day. And now I’m working tonight.

Grabbed a nap. About to eat.

In a mood.

That’s it. That’s the post.


Sunday Is Done

I don’t have to be at work until I get there tomorrow. My car is still at the shop, and I must be dropped off when it’s done in the morning. So I have the house to myself for a while. I’m thinking breakfast and maybe some time in the garage finishing up some things.

I hate being out of the car, though, breaking things down so I’ll have the necessities out of my trunk kit is a PITA.

Today was a good day. We even got some rain.

It looks to be a dry summer coming in. It’s hot, and you can tell what it’s leading into. It’s only May 1st. I am not a fan of hot weather.

Which reminds me, my least favorite Star Wars day is coming. I may skip the internet altogether in three days.

That’s it. That’s the post.



I never thought I would get as excited about replacing a water heater, but here I am.

This old gal pulled 25+ years and was a workhorse. I know she was a drag on my power bill so…

Out with the old, in with the new.

I met a plumber and his girlfriend by chance out on the sidewalk at work a couple of months agoβ€”a nice younger couple. They were very polite when I was walking by and I had been wondering about replacing the water heater.

And now here I am.

My pocket is definitely lighter but I’m looking at gaining a little back at a time in energy costs along with a few other changes I’ve made around the house.

Why wait for it to fail before replacing it?

This makes sense to me.

That’s it. That’s the post.


(In before midnight.)

Another Lovely Night

I’m working.

Escape goes in the shop tomorrow morning to have the AC fixed.

Water heater being replaced Saturday afternoon.

I have hit the lottery.

Seriously thankful for a good family, home, job because sometimes stuff piles upon you, and you feel like you’re going to break.

But you don’t because of the good things you have in life.

I would say hang in there but you already are.

That’s it. That’s the post.



I love knives and always have my SAK on me because I might have to MacGyver something.

The problem with that is I start to accumulate pocket clutter because I never leave the house without knives. Yes. Plural.

Every knife can be used for it’s primary function as a tool, and every knife can be used as a weapon. Some are better tools than others and vice verse.

And, unfortunately, you never know if you might need to get shabby.

One of my very favorite folders is this one:

It’s a KA-BAR (yes that KA-BAR), and I had never seen a folder by them until several years ago in a little shop in Maggie Valley, NC.

In the picture above are a couple of minimal knife sheaths. Topstache makes them. I was looking around on Amazon and found them. I took a chance on the sheath on the left in the picture and loved it. I’ve been trying it out for the last couple of months. It’s very durable and comfortable to wear.

But I needed something a little more straightforward for work, and the one on the right I received today.

It will hang straight on my belt where the other has a slight angle to it. I have a belt clip for my personal phone at work and the other sheath doesn’t fit well with my EDC so that’s why I ordered the other.

The new sheath will sit better at the small of my back. Yes, I’ve already suited up with it. I’m already knifed up for tomorrow.

Anyways, I needed to write something down constructive tonight, so here I am and here you are.

And here I go…

That’s it. That’s the post.



We stopped by McDonald’s today to grab a quick bite in the drive-thru.

The lady at the window said my total and took my money. She gave me a slight nod when she handed me my change and receipt.

If McDonald’s is sending me secret messages then I’m going to have to see what Chick-Fil-A is up to. Surely they’re a safe haven.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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