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Oregon ACLU sues to stop Portland Police from livestreaming protests | KATU

And here, all this time, they told us the revolution would be televised.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon announced it is suing the Portland Police Bureau to stop them from livestreaming protests. Over the past several weeks, protesters have gathered in Portland, calling for police reform and racial equality. The lawsuit claims that livestreaming protests leaves protesters subject to surveillance by federal law enforcement, and is a violation of ORS 181A. 250. ORS 181A.
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I’m changing mine. I find that I’ve gotten too comfortable. I need to start changing the way I go to work, the way I come home, the way I go through the work day. I need to change things up at home and give myself new activities and a different set of “what needs done now” priorities.

I also want to test the fact that my phone follows me everywhere. I find this troublesome. I’ve noticed certain apps that I am required (read into that what you will) to use daily are “following” me even after the time they shouldn’t. Like I said, troublesome.

I think it all comes to convenience over security. Do I want the maps and music and social media? Or do I want peace of mind?

I have nothing to hide. I am no one important except to a select few. To some I am a part of their world. To one I am their world, and they are mine.

We shall see what we shall see.

I’m taking the day off tomorrow, partly for personal business and partly because I need the day for me. I’m also picking something up hopefully that’s a fairly large purchase. But we need it and i deserve it. Stay tuned if you want to see my new project. If you’re a friend you already know what it is.