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No. Not mine. I’m a ways off from that day.

A couple of years ago, one of my store managers came to me and told me she was done. She hadn’t really told anyone, but she decided she was going to take her vacation time she had coming and just slide off into retirement.

She was tired of the way business is nowadays. She’d been in retail all her life as her father was a store manager (he was kind of famous in retail circles), and she’d been in the stores from an early age helping out. A hint as to how early would be the old school label guns. We talked about her pricing cans of food with them one day.

The job was affecting her health as well, and she had an elderly mother to take care of. The best option was out.

She was tough as nails and hard on her people, and a lot of them didn’t like her.

I did. Business is business. Everybody has to pull their weight. Period.

I love working for/with someone who truly believes in teamwork and she did. If we can do a small thing together, we can do great things together.

I was working at one of my stores today and someone put their hand on my shoulder and said, β€œYou work too hard, but then it’s you.”

I knew it was her when she said it.

I turned and saw a person transformed for the better in retirement.

She had color in her face. She was standing taller, which says a lot because she’s only about 5’ 3” in heels.

I couldn’t place what else was different at first but then realized that she was smiling.

It was almost terrifying. πŸ˜†

I told her I missed her. I genuinely meant that. I don’t miss a lot of people I’ve worked with. The one’s I do are something special. And she was.

I’ve had rougher jobs, I’ve had dirtier jobs, but retail isn’t easy. It isn’t easy on your body or your mind. If you’re at it long enough and put a little of your soul in it, it takes more than it gives.

It looks like she regained some of hers.

I’m glad my friend is happy and healthy.

I’m glad she found her smile.

That’s it. That’s the post.