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The Weekend Is Almost Over

I love Sunday. I wouldn’t say I like Sunday nights.

No, Sunday night is when the stress of the week starts building. I check my schedule after having my work phone turned off all weekend.

I would be better if our scheduler would work properly but it scatters hours all over the week.

This is when Plan A begins to form in my mind. Being, unfortunately, by myself makes it easier to stick with and tweak my plan as the days roll on.

With no one to train or watch this week, my Friday will be pretty easy except for the travel.

Sunday mornings are usually leisurely sitting in my recliner and sipping coffee. Sometimes I have company.

She likes the smell of coffee. She may even admit to loving me.

Our only commitment being church at 10:30 the rest of the day is oursβ€”usually laundry day or finishing off laundry.

I spend it reading it or messing around with some project.

For now, it’s almost time to lay down.

Monday is inevitable.

That’s it. That’s the post.



We are home.

We got home yesterday afternoon.

This morning we started early and got to work around the house; I went to the bank and got groceries.

Back to the regular humdrum of everyday life.

Then the texts start. Work never stops.

This morning I found out I was on the schedule to work today even though I had a planned vacation day. No problem. I sent a text to the boss and got my schedule changed.

I’ve said it before. He’s a good man. It ain’t his fault. We rely on a computer to do our scheduling. I’m not too fond of it, but I don’t pay for it either. At least not with money.

We were supposed to start resets for a customer today. All the stores have resets this week. Usually, this is spread over two weeks, but no. Why do it that way? Why use a tried and true method?

In a text to one of my part-timers this morning:

  1. Make the plan.
  2. Execute the plan.
  3. Plan goes off the rails.
  4. Throw away the plan.

We’re already at #3 I’ll bet and no one even made it to work yet.

It doesn’t have to be this way; there’s always a plan. I have plans A, B, and C always ready. We should never be at a point of no plan or lousy plan and just let those be the two choices. No.

I’m losing my focus.

I’m losing my drive.

I’m losing my want to show up for the job.

That ain’t good.

If I had another job to go right into, I would drop notice tomorrow. And that ain’t good either.

I’ve lost my direction.

That’s it. That’s the post.