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Elusive Turtles

Yesterday I was driving by a little pond just outside the town of Jefferson, SC on my way home from work. I drive by here at least twice a day, five days a week.

In the pond is a sunken pier. It’s old and disused and has caved in in the past couple of years.

Still fairly cool to me.

The Pier

Yesterday as I drove by the pier looked different. I really just caught it out of the corner of my eye. It was bumpy, shiny and black.

I drove down a mile or so and swung back around. it was worth the time.

I pulled up and the pier was covered in about twenty turtles, sunning themselves. Before I could get close enough for pics they spooked and slid off into the water. I hated I disturbed their activity.

I just wanted a pic or two.

So today I slowed down as I drove by and saw them again. I pulled over to the side of the road and grabbed a few pics with my phone from the car.


I plan to return with my Canon soon. It was really just worth it to see all of them sitting there on the pier.

That’s it. That’s the post.


Landsford Canal

We visited Landsford Canal State Park today. We haven’t been in years and as we didn’t get to visit Maggie Valley, NC this year and hike around there we at least got to hike in something familiar.

The trails here remind us of Alum Cave in Tennessee, in some parts. Same smells and sounds walking through the forest.

The Canal Trail is a little over three miles round trip and a really easy hike. Depending on if you climb on everything like my son, of course. He probably adds an easy mile to everywhere we go.

The Son

The Landsford Canal is a navigation channel that opened in 1823 with the purpose of bypassing rapids along the Catawba River to allow efficient freight transport and rapid travel between nearby communities and settlements along the rural frontiers of the era. It had five locks operating over a stretch of two miles with an elevation change overall of 32–34 feet. It was part of the inland navigation system from the ‘Up Country’ to Charleston, built systematically from 1819, and the navigations are today the centerpiece of Canal State Park. (From Wikipedia)

And that’s the daughter up there in the middle. Fifteen year olds, am I right?!

It’s fairly impressive, even in ruins, and there are so many photography opportunities. Just bring whatever camera you have and your eye (or both) and find your image.

The nearest town is Fort Lawn and I’m posting directions from there. But a quick internet search will give you directions from most anywhere.

She doesn’t like having her pic taken. BUT, there is a wife.

I won’t throw much more on this post as I think the experience should be saved for you.


My Absolute Favorite…

This is my absolute favorite pic of my absolute favorite lady in the middle of my absolute favorite place.

I took this pic of my wife a year ago in the Great Smoky Mountains. We love the mountains and pretty much vacation there with the kids exclusively. We aren’t much for the beach due to the heat. The mountains give a well deserved break from the heat of north central SC in the middle of summer.

I joke with people that if they want to take me out all they have to do is set up on a mountainside during the fireworks in a nearby town on 4oJ and I’ll be sitting on the steps of the ice cream shop. It’s usually the one time of the year I know exactly where I’ll be.

Just something I wanted to throw on the blog as I came across this picture.


Hobbies: Drones and Photography

I love exploring, especially abandoned places or places that nature has reclaimed. I can’t remember not having a camera and, as it is today, you don’t really go anywhere without one. Some do, but the majority of the country (US) has some type of phone with the capability to take a picture. Be it a flip phone or a smart phone, chances are you have one. You may even be reading this on it now.

Old parking lot. DJI Mavic Mini

I do have a Canon DSLR that I rarely use anymore. I depend on my iPhone 11 Pro for most of the pics I take while I’m out. Handy and smaller than taking a ton of gear with me.

And then…I have a couple of drones, ranging in size and capability.

First and smallest is the DJI Tello. I bought it because Walmart dropped it to $25 on a clearance sale over a year ago. And I was interested in learning to fly drones. I wanted that birds eye view.

Honestly it’s a capable little selfie drone. It takes great pics. The video is choppy if you get any real elevation. This is because the video is recorded directly back to your phone via WiFi so your range is limited. It only gets about 13 minutes flight time on a battery. So it’s very limited. But fun to fly.

Next up is the Yuneec Breeze. Yep, another Walmart discount that I picked up for half of its original selling price.

Not as limited as the Tello and has about the same flight time. Seriously great stills and good video. You can purchase it stand alone or as a bundle if you can still find one for sale. It’s a great flyer and not too bulky in the pack. So it’s good to carry along with you on a hike.

A favorite abandoned house from a different angle. DJI Mavic Mini

I just had a birthday and the wife and kids bought me a DJI Mavic Mini and I am a little blown away.

GREAT pics and vids. Smooth operation and an ABSOLUTE joy to fly. It had a learning curve coming from the previous two drones to this but I got the hang of it fairly quickly. Thirty minute flight time and it folds up into a neat little package. Add in the remote and it’s fairly awesome. This will be my go to wandering drone.

All this plus the GoPros and I’m all set. I’ll write on those later.

Links have been provided if you want to check out any of these drones. – Seegars.

DJI Mavic Mini

(This isn’t a review. Just me writing it down.)


On the way home from church there’s an old store. The man who owned it , Jimmy, recently passed away.

Surrounding the store was a junkyard. Tons of old cars. Some are left but they’re cleaning it out now, I imagine a lot of these are worth a quite a bit to the right person restoring a car. Money to be made.

I’m sure many saw it as an eyesore. I saw beauty in every single rusting part.

I’ll kind of miss it.


Ghost Signs and Reflections

From Wikipedia:

AΒ ghost signΒ is an oldΒ hand-painted advertising signΒ that has been preserved on a building for an extended period of time. The sign may be kept for its nostalgic appeal, or simply indifference by the owner.

I pass them all the time and notice but rarely think about them. Some of these are really little art pieces in themselves. Others reveal what used to go on in a building.

And others are probably more well known, I just need to go find out what went down in that location, and that’s part of the fun.

The reflections part doesn’t have deep meaning or anything, it’s an actual reflection from the back window of my car on my garage door. I thought it was neat.

I’m a huge S.H.I.E.L.D. fan.


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