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The Cabin On Scout Cabin Road

Old post from my old blog but worth sharing here again.

This old place has been razed for the millstones in the chimneys. I hate that. I hope it was the owner that did so. Otherwise, boo.

I’ll bet she was really something in her prime.

I pass this spot all the time and have always wanted to stop. Since I started this page I find that I need to follow the urge to stop and explore more. So here you go. I have no history for this old place other than the fact that it may have been and old Scout Cabin. Hence the name of the road! Enjoy the pics and if you are ever in this neck of the woods stop by and visit it for yourself.

That’s it. That’s the post.


Orange Gatorade

I stopped at a convenience store this afternoon on the way home that I stop by quite often.

One, I needed an orange Gatorade.

Two, there’s an interesting old house across the street and I’ve been carrying the Mavic Mini pretty much everywhere with me because, well, ya never know.

The house has been there far longer than I have. Recently cleared tress revealed it to me a couple of months ago. Like I said, I needed the Gatorade, so while I was inside I asked the manager if she minded me taking off from the end of the parking lot and with an affirmative from her, I took off.

It will change and I’ll get to watch it happen.

It’s interesting to me how nature takes over a place only to be beaten back by winter to reveal what it has done and then have another go all over again.

I’ll be drinking a lot of orange Gatorade.