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I love knives and always have my SAK on me because I might have to MacGyver something.

The problem with that is I start to accumulate pocket clutter because I never leave the house without knives. Yes. Plural.

Every knife can be used for it’s primary function as a tool, and every knife can be used as a weapon. Some are better tools than others and vice verse.

And, unfortunately, you never know if you might need to get shabby.

One of my very favorite folders is this one:

It’s a KA-BAR (yes that KA-BAR), and I had never seen a folder by them until several years ago in a little shop in Maggie Valley, NC.

In the picture above are a couple of minimal knife sheaths. Topstache makes them. I was looking around on Amazon and found them. I took a chance on the sheath on the left in the picture and loved it. I’ve been trying it out for the last couple of months. It’s very durable and comfortable to wear.

But I needed something a little more straightforward for work, and the one on the right I received today.

It will hang straight on my belt where the other has a slight angle to it. I have a belt clip for my personal phone at work and the other sheath doesn’t fit well with my EDC so that’s why I ordered the other.

The new sheath will sit better at the small of my back. Yes, I’ve already suited up with it. I’m already knifed up for tomorrow.

Anyways, I needed to write something down constructive tonight, so here I am and here you are.

And here I go…

That’s it. That’s the post.


New (To Me) Knife

I always look for knife stores when we’re out anywhere, but especially in the mountains.

I’ve visited the Smoky Mountain Knife Works in Sevierville, TN (that’s pronounced SEVERE-ville, DO NOT get that wrong) and it was a lot to take in. I will most likely make my way there again.

Please don’t get me wrong; I was sufficiently impressed with the place. It was just so big, and good blades can get so expensive, I was a bit overwhelmed.

My favorite knife store in the mountains isn’t the same. The owner retired and sold the store to new proprietors, and I saw and felt the change in the store’s mood when I walked in.

I’ve already had my say with the wife about that. I won’t be bad-mouthing the new owners here. I wish them well.

One of the best places to find some good old steel is second-hand stores, and there are plenty of antique and β€œjunk” stores in the mountains of North Carolina. I use the term junk affectionately. Those are some of my favorite places.

I found this little folder on a table in a new second-hand place that opened in Maggie Valley. A very nice older couple runs it.

I picked the knife up for ten bucks. It was made in the 80s, as far as I can search on the internet. It had a few small chips in the edge, which I figured I could fix on the stone (and I did).

Also, it’s a floral knife for people working with flowers and small plants.

I have never seen a Victorinox single-blade folder like this, so I grabbed it expecting to put it on my shelf.

Once I got it home and sharpened and cleaned up a bit, I decided to make it an EDC for a while. Nice little piece.

That’s it. That’s the post.


#Knife or One Man’s Junk

I love knives. Period.

I love knives like some guys love guns. Or cars.

I’ll go into junk shops and look for something special and it’s always there. A $5 dollar box of junk knives.

Knives that need to be fixed, sharpened, cleaned, rebuilt in one way or another. Or maybe there’s one in there that I can use to fix another knife from another junk box.

I just sharpened the blade on this one I’ve let sit up on a shelf for too long.

It’s a neat little knife to be so small. An obvious takeoff on a Swiss Army knife.

I don’t know who made it. All I know from the blade is that it’s of Chinese origin.

It’s a sturdy little knife. Good to just slip in my pocket for work. And it comes in handy.

I’ve certainly gotten my $5 out of it and will continue to do so.


Knives In SC

I like guns and have been in a couple of discussions about gun laws here lately, what with the way the world is and all.

My true LOVE in weapons is knives. So many knives, so little money.

As part of my EDC (Every Day Carry) there will be a couple of blades chosen depending on what I’m doing.

Now, is it legal?

Yes, yes it is. In fact, most likely any knife you might have on you is probably legal in South Carolina.

This next piece is from the linked article…


  • It is legal to own a switchblade
  • It is legal to own a Balisong, or butterfly, knife
  • It is legal to own a Bowie knife
  • It is legal to own a dirk, dagger, or other stabbing knife
  • It is legal to own a stiletto
  • It is legal to own a disguised knife, such as in a lipstick or belt buckle

See? Now here’s the tricky part, as long as you aren’t using that knife in the commission of a crime you won’t have any problems.

Anyway, I’m being lazy today. Check out this article from

I’m really going to enjoy this site.