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Fear and Control

Today on a local FB group someone posted that β€œthere was a Covid emergency at Walmart” and they were β€œroping off sections again” and that their friend who told them this was β€œto be trusted” as they were β€œin the know”.

And as it turns out it was total bullsh*t.

Those very small people, the ones who feel the need to virtue signal by wearing a mask and taking a vaccine (or saying they are, that’s to be decided) are losing what they think is power. That little bit of self righteous importance is slipping away.

They can’t have this.

They can’t lose that little bit of power they think they have.

It’s disgusting to treat your fellow man in this way.

I’m done playing by these fear based rules. I played along to get along. No more.

You, the weak, can let fear control you.

I won’t.

And you won’t control me.

That’s it. That’s the post.