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I’m changing mine. I find that I’ve gotten too comfortable. I need to start changing the way I go to work, the way I come home, the way I go through the work day. I need to change things up at home and give myself new activities and a different set of “what needs done now” priorities.

I also want to test the fact that my phone follows me everywhere. I find this troublesome. I’ve noticed certain apps that I am required (read into that what you will) to use daily are “following” me even after the time they shouldn’t. Like I said, troublesome.

I think it all comes to convenience over security. Do I want the maps and music and social media? Or do I want peace of mind?

I have nothing to hide. I am no one important except to a select few. To some I am a part of their world. To one I am their world, and they are mine.

We shall see what we shall see.

I’m taking the day off tomorrow, partly for personal business and partly because I need the day for me. I’m also picking something up hopefully that’s a fairly large purchase. But we need it and i deserve it. Stay tuned if you want to see my new project. If you’re a friend you already know what it is.