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Still Thinking

I may have just had a bad night and morning.

I’m prone to a little depression at times as most folks are. I enjoy writing here, and I guess I’m just experiencing a little post-Christmas Blues. Not that I’m big on Christmas or anything.

So what’s up with me tonight? I’m sitting here reading about Karen getting arrested by the FBI in a story from the Daily Wire. (I hope that link is big enough.)

This is where we’ve come to, folks. We have driven a wedge right down the middle. Hundreds of millions of us want to live our lives, and the rest of you don’t. And you’re dead set on dragging us to hell with you.

Control is the name of the game, but some of you aren’t playing with a full deck. We (well some of us) figured this out at the beginning.

I don’t deny that Covid exists; I have friends who have had it. I know of people who have died from it. Some of them are within our community. But they also had a lot of other health problems.

I’m not vaccinated. I’m not a β€œvax denier.” I’m seeing people who are fully vaccinated, and boosted ending up in the hospitalβ€”some dying. Otherwise healthy athletes around the world dropping dead from heart attacks, fully vaccinated.

Two years ago this was conspiracy theory.

And that why I’m not. The risk either way is about the same. You can like it or not; it doesn’t change my reality, not one bit.

I’ve been out in this thing the whole fifteen days, working in a retail setting.

That was 653-ish days ago.

Have I been sick? A little. A sniffle here, a cough there. Sinusitis is usually my big problem, especially this time of the year. With the temps being up and down my head is like a barometer.

Do I get concerned when I feel I’ll? Of course, I do. Especially with how big covid got. But then I remember, don’t believe the hype. (Yeah, a country boy with a Public Enemy reference.)

Both of the kids had the flu a week ago. I haven’t heard of or seen a flu case, except for a friend in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia who has other health issues he had been dealing with at the time in two years. The flu has been eliminated from the planet, or so you would think.

People will get sick, and people are, sadly, going to die. These are things that can’t be avoided. I’m not unfeeling towards these facts, but you cannot live in fear.

Some people are going to have to give up control of others. It will be giving up that control and not Covid that kills them.

That’s it. That’s the post.


Fear and Control

Today on a local FB group someone posted that β€œthere was a Covid emergency at Walmart” and they were β€œroping off sections again” and that their friend who told them this was β€œto be trusted” as they were β€œin the know”.

And as it turns out it was total bullsh*t.

Those very small people, the ones who feel the need to virtue signal by wearing a mask and taking a vaccine (or saying they are, that’s to be decided) are losing what they think is power. That little bit of self righteous importance is slipping away.

They can’t have this.

They can’t lose that little bit of power they think they have.

It’s disgusting to treat your fellow man in this way.

I’m done playing by these fear based rules. I played along to get along. No more.

You, the weak, can let fear control you.

I won’t.

And you won’t control me.

That’s it. That’s the post.