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Today Was…

Today was very middle of the road.

I got up. I drank my coffee. I went to work. I did the job (and then some). I had drive today. Possibly because of my accomplishment from yesterday.

Nothing big happened work related, nothing major. It was just a day.

And it was perfect.

I enjoyed it. I hope tomorrow is as bland. 😏

It doesn’t always have to be exciting. Some of my best days are nothing to write about.

Even though I just did.

Walmartians in the rain. Getting it done.

That’s it. That’s the post.


There Goes Monday

Monday came and I didn’t have the usual sense of dread. Today I was determined.

Everybody hates Mondays but I hate Tuesdays. They’re super busy for me and we rarely have time to get in what we need to do because of extra activities dropped on us.

Today me and my SM finished a major project and a fairly large project for this week. It’s one of the bigger stores so it’s a bit of weight off our shoulders.

I came home tired but with a sense of accomplishment today. That’s rare in my job, I’m sad to say.

But we take a win where we can, don’t we?

That’s it. That’s the post.