Project: Don’t Throw It Away

A couple of years ago I came across a roll of LED lights somewhere and I stuck them in a drawer.

Men do that. We acquire things and hold onto them. We might be able to use them later.

I’ve had them five years.

We do projects for several customers at work, and one was to reset a soundbar display this week. It had an LED power source that was in the front. When I did my first one, I had three more after that. I kept a couple of pieces that might be used to fix any problems with the other three. I used several of the pieces and as I was cleaning out my tool box today I remembered something.

The roll of LED lights.

I had a power source that could work with them.

It did.

Thirty minutes later, under my son’s bed in what is supposed to be his relaxation area (he sleeps there most nights, but whatever), we have a very nice light source.

So this was an excellent, quick father/son project.

And this is why we as men don’t just throw stuff away.

If the women don’t find ya handsome, they should at least find ya handy.

Red Green

That’s it. That’s the post.


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