Because You Can

I was taking my lunch break today out in the truck and a lady pulled up beside me and went into the store. Nice blue Hummer.

She came back out and opened her hood. I didn’t notice that until I got out and I asked if she needed help. She said, β€œNo, thank you I’ve got it.”

I had to go around that side of the truck to roll up my passenger side window and noticed, she most definitely didn’t have it.

She was using one of those small jump boxes. The battery was dead. But that wasn’t the problem.

Not the actual battery. It was worse.

One of her posts on her battery was covered in corrosion. The buildup was keeping her from starting her truck.

It was so bad I was chipping chunks off with my knife. Luckily I keep tools in the toolbox (irony?) and I was drinking a Pepsi with my lunch. A soda like that is great for cleaning that buildup off.

I cleaned it up and put the new battery in she’d purchased. I explained she should try to charge the old one and see if it was still good. I also explained dielectric grease to her.

IF you’re a guy and your lady is out here with a nice ride like that in that condition, you need to find your dad or some other man to teach you how to take care of not only your vehicle but your woman. That’s the rare PSA you’ll see in this blog.

I know they’re strong and independent, but neither of those traits will help her if she’s stranded in a Walmart parking lot at a loss for what to do.

I’m so glad my dad taught me enough simple things under the hood to get me going to where I can fix my own truck now.

Always help people. Not just because it’s a good or right thing to do. Just because you can.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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