A Fool And His Money

I’ve been browsing for the last couple of weeks looking for a β€œnew to me” car. Used car prices have, of course, skyrocketed thanks to our governments and the current administration’s sα΄α΄œΙ΄α΄… ꜰΙͺsα΄„α΄€ΚŸ ᴘᴏʟΙͺᴄʏ.

It’s quite ridiculous.

A new car to me is out of the question. The prices in new automobiles, trucks especially, are outrageous. I have a truck that needs some TLC from a real mechanic, and it’ll be in good shape. Time and money, mostly money, are the concern there.

And there’s the…

We bought this one a few years back for her car. When we bought the Soul, she started driving it. I’m more capable if there’s a mechanical problem so I use the Escape for work most days.

The problem is summer is coming, and there’s no air in this car. That makes for irritating and frustrating afternoons here in the South. The older Escapes have a problem with their AC systems. The compressor in this one has failed before.

The heat is not my friend.

The Escape is basically a good vehicle. Tough. It has over 230k on it and the motor is still going strong. I recently had to have some work done involving the oil pan. A new gasket was installed due to a leak and small crack in the oil pan itself required replacing the pan. This wasn’t too serious but could have become a major problem.

After having that fixed, I gained nearly five miles per gallon on my fuel consumption.

So what do you do with a tough old car with no AC?

Simple, you get the AC working and continue driving that tough old car.

Some would look at it as throwing good money after bad. I see it as investing less money into something proven rather than putting money into a new bill. And I’ll have money left over every month for other things.

I’m still a bit of a fool, admittedly. But I won’t be parted from all my money.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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