Ramming The Wall

7:00 AM Monday

I usually don’t hit the wall till Wednesday. That’s when most folks hit it. This week it’s coming straight at me. I’m not going to swerve left or right. I’ll just hit it head-on. Maybe the airbags will work.

And BAM! (Call 911.)

A perfect example of β€œIf you don’t know how to do it ask”.

This is something my company does every week. We reset the digital game cards. The mod is simple. Really hard to mess up, but the right person came along. So now it’s double work. Is this efficient? No. No, it’s not. So I get to reset the reset. (911: What’s your emergency?)

It’s a thick week with some significant activities from some big customers. Reset weeks are a hassle, especially if you’re running pretty much alone. I work with my stores and associates as much as possible. (What happened? I don’t even think he slowed down, as a matter of fact, I believe he accelerated.)

If people would just be more organized and look at their week ahead of time things would be much smoother. I’m already planning on Saturday. In my head. (Get the crash cart. We’re losing him.)

Three hours in and I’m taking a break. I’m disgusted already at 10:00 AM on a Monday.

This job isn’t hard if you follow direction. I know some have to learn, but most won’t. They’re too hard-headed to teach. They always know what the deal is. The deal changesβ€”every week. (Wait…)

(We got a steady pulse. Something must have clicked.)

Oh, something clicked long ago. You really can’t depend on people in a retail work environment. It used to be that you could depend on people to do their job. If that happened then I could get my job done.

I know many of you are seeing this new influx of people, not depending on age, that think they’re worth way more than they are. That they are supposed to get what they haven’t earned.

It ain’t just me.

(He’ll make it but there will be scars…)

It’s 5:13 PM. I’m going to lay work down for the day and have time with my family. If you read this it’s just me venting.

This is my spot. I’ll do what I want. 😏

That’s it. That’s the post.


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