As I was looking over a scant pile of bananas today I saw someone looking at me.

They were giving me a hard look from about twenty feet away, and it took a second for me to register that it was a friendly.

I hadn’t seen Kita in a year or so since she switched to third at one of my stores.

When I say friend, I mean it. What followed was one of the best hugs you can get. She’s a hugger. You could be pay someone to hug you like she does. And Crystal was with her, another friend, and her significant other. She’s a side hugger. About half the effort but as much feeling.

They’ve both left retail and work from home now.

Again, the difference in both just like seeing my old manager the other day. Smiles, standing taller, color.

There may be something to this leaving retail thing that I need to look at myself.

We will see.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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