No Way Home


We didn’t get to go see this one at the theater. This weekend it’s on early release on Vudu, and us being a Marvel family, we bought it. Gotta have the matching set.

Sitting here with my son watching the movie, I realized that it had never hit me before. This isn’t Earth-616. Tom isn’t the Spider-Man I grew up with in the comics. This isn’t the regular universe I’ve gone through with the X-Men. Tobey and Andrew clearly aren’t of that universe because that’s detailed in the film. We aren’t watching a retelling from that comic universes point of view. We are watching all the universes play out.


The link better explains this concept to those who aren’t well versed in comic lore.

Nope, we are pulling a full-on Uatu every time we sit down for one of these movies. In effect, becoming Watchers instead of just watchers.

I never thought of it this way before now. Every story I’ve read, comic book I’ve gone through, every series, every movie. I’ve sat at the center of a kind of multiverse and watched all the stories play out.

It was a strange realization because I never thought that deeply about it. Sure there are alternate timelines throughout the comics.

All through Marvel and DC (nod to Elseworlds) and they keep a lot of the characters fresh because let’s face it, it’s always fun to imagine; What If?

This is where my mind went tonight when MJ corrected the fed about her name. Not Mary Jane Watson but Michelle Jones Watson?! But she doesn’t use Watson anymore. I thought, that ain’t right! But then thought deeper and really opened my mind on the subject while watching what I consider to be a pretty fabulous movie.

You might even say it was…amazing.

And for the first time ever I’m dedicating a post to someone.

This one is for my son Sam who is always on my left.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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