Mundus vult decipi.

I read this article today from Intellectual Takeout; The World Wants To Be Deceived.

It’s an interesting bit of writing and worth the time to read it.

I watch a lot of people on social media begging for attention. They so very much want people to like them that they’ll do anything to keep the spotlight on them. I watch.

I don’t care for attention myself. I maintain very few close relationships in real life. Online I do have a few friends. Less than the fingers on both my hands. Yes. I have all ten.

Finding genuine people in this life that will stick by you is the thing. I promise you, after being hurt too many times, they’re a real treasure. But you probably already know this.

I did get the title of Josef Pieper’s book Abuse of Language–Abuse of Power from the article and ill either be ordering it from Amazon or stopping by a used book store or two to grab it. It’s a short piece and the reviews are really good.

β€œIt is entirely possible that the true and authentic reality is being drowned out by the countless superficial information bits noisily and breathlessly presented in propaganda fashion. Consequently, one may be entirely knowledgeable about a thousand details and nevertheless because of ignorance regarding the core of the matter, remain without basic insight.”

Josef Pieper

Back to the original point, yes, the world does want to be deceived. The people in it only want the positive.

I’ve said before that people who walk around with smiles on their faces all the time are idiots.

This world is full of pain and horrible things. Rare are the things and people who genuinely bring us joy and with that peace.

Don’t let the world trick you with shiny things.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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