The Weekend Is Almost Over

I love Sunday. I wouldn’t say I like Sunday nights.

No, Sunday night is when the stress of the week starts building. I check my schedule after having my work phone turned off all weekend.

I would be better if our scheduler would work properly but it scatters hours all over the week.

This is when Plan A begins to form in my mind. Being, unfortunately, by myself makes it easier to stick with and tweak my plan as the days roll on.

With no one to train or watch this week, my Friday will be pretty easy except for the travel.

Sunday mornings are usually leisurely sitting in my recliner and sipping coffee. Sometimes I have company.

She likes the smell of coffee. She may even admit to loving me.

Our only commitment being church at 10:30 the rest of the day is oursβ€”usually laundry day or finishing off laundry.

I spend it reading it or messing around with some project.

For now, it’s almost time to lay down.

Monday is inevitable.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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