I didn’t stay at work today. I nearly didn’t go at all, but that’s not me. My anxiety level was through the roof by around twelve.

I couldn’t be around people anymore. I texted the boss and explained what was going on to cause the anxiety (a story for another time), and I clocked out.

I said I couldn’t be around people anymore today. That doesn’t include the boy.

I thought about what a friend might do in a similar situation.

I called my mom and told her I was off early and that I would pick him up from school. Then I picked him up two hours early and we played hooky for the afternoon.

Our afternoon consisted of Game Stop, snacks, and a bit of time in the garage before video games in the house.

He actually learned a bit of useful care maintenance this afternoon that he’d never learn in school.

It can’t and won’t all be taught in a classroom.

Sometimes you have to break the rules.

Later in the day, he came to me and said he met the most excellent little kid online. One of his gaming buddies’ little brothers took over for him while he did something else, and Sam noticed he had a speech impediment. He and the little brother discussed speech therapy which Sam had attended for his speech impediment.

Sam said he told the kid β€œyou got this, everything will work out fine. You can beat this speech impediment.” Which makes me proud that he has used his experience and the wisdom gained from it to help someone else.

Sometimes all we need is an encouraging word.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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