There is something I want to write about, but there’s an amount of respect I have to show. It’s still very fresh this event, so when I say there’s an amount of respect, it is with a great deal of care because the things I want to say on the subject are all good.

But I can’t. Not yet. This is a thing that will require careful wording and thought about things that have happened over almost a decade.

I had to go into town tonight and stopped on the side of the street to gather my thoughts for a minute and organize a few things.

I’ve been noticing these new streetlights.

They’re odd. Out of place for our little town. I’ve only seen two of them. Most of the lights around here cast a yellow or white light. This bluish purple changes the feel of main street.

I don’t know whether I like them or not.

Don’t try to read too far into what I write about; the only thing between my lines are dark pixels.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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