Lazy Sunday

I decided against making the trip for the saw today as I will be just down the street tomorrow and can pick it up then. I guess in my mind, the waste of two hours of my day today when I could putter around the house and get things ready for the week was just more efficient.

We went to church this morning and were a part of the celebration of a church members birthday.

She has been a church member officially since she was eleven and was baptized there. She has attended the church since she was born. One hundred years come Tuesday. That’s amazing.

It was something to hear of all that’s gone in her life today. I’m hoping to get the audio and post it.

I found my way out to the shop today and did a couple of small things.

Made me a spot.

I don’t like to waste time. It’s something you can’t get back. I figure I can sit here and sharpen while I figure out my next move.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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