Kid, You Just Don’t Know.

My daughter and I got into it yesterday. Basically it came down to her feeling like “I judged her friends and already had a preconceived notion of how they are”.

Well, yeah. I watch people for a reason. It’s not just because it has been trained into me to do so. I am always aware of my surroundings and the people around me.

I have very few friends I still know from school. I still have friends from all over the world from my time in the military. Bonds we’re formed in that time.

I watch her friends because I see the way they act and I don’t want my daughter presenting herself like some of them.

Trust your gut; your gut is almost always right.

On occasion, it can be wrong. But that’s a rare occurrence.

I’m trying to get it in her head that I’m only watching out for her and her heart.

She’s a good kid; she takes what people say and trusts in that. And it’s tough to make her see when someone isn’t being a good friend.

But these are lessons we have to learn on our own. I can’t save her from every heartache.

So I have to let her go on her way and learn.

I know this in my head but my heart is with her.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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