Day Three

I’ve started off my morning at 0530 listening to the wind howl outside. A cold front is moving through leading to strong winds and I do not like high wind.

A couple of years ago, a tornado went over the house, and it’s given me a little PTSD in that regard.

So I’m sitting here with G and listening to the wind. Praying we’re okay and hoping the roof stays intact.

This is the early morning part of the blog. I need to get to work, but I’m not driving in the dark in these conditions. Better safe than sorry.

And the wind calmed down and the clouds burned away, and then…winter came.

I mean it got cold, quick.

I’m thinking spaghetti tonight so she won’t have to cook. Me and the kids can.

Yeah. Spaghetti it is.

I’m trying to show the kids what we can get done when we work together.

This afternoon when we got home I put everyone to their tasks. Sam on folding clothes and getting trash up. Logan on dishes and getting clothes out if the dryer while I browned hamburger meat and started another load of clothes.

And my plan would have worked too if it hadn’t been for that…kid.

Attitude is everything, and this afternoon, Sam had a bad one.

We still got a lot done in under forty minutes, but we could have been done sooner and on about our day. He’ll learn how to control that temper. Hopefully.

We got everything done so quickly I was able to get a lot of other stuff done today before supper. Usually I’ll spend my nights catching up. Tonight I’m just enjoying the evening.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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