During The Day

I work for a nationwide merchandising company for my paycheck. It’s a lot sometimes. The company is always looking for that next customer because you always have to have new business.

We are short on staff like most anyone else and for the first time in years I am technically alone with four stores.

I said technically. The boss has been driving in from his hometown to one of the stores. One hundred and seventeen miles one way. Two and a half hours road time. I’ve said before he’s a good man. It’s a weight off my shoulders.

This week we’ve taken on one of the ladies from the remodel crew while they’re off the road for Christmas. She worked two of my stores today and is coming back to work them tomorrow. I’m grateful.

Our larger stores will have anywhere from fifty to seventy activities each week. Some activities will take a few minutes, others an hour or two. It all depends on the store and difficulty of the job.

I haven’t been feeling well. My sinuses have been giving me a fit, and I’ve been fighting it. I usually just work through it. Yesterday I came home early and didn’t go to my last store. I was dizzy. My head was swimming. It’s not like me but I gave up.

Today, I made up for that and got a little ahead. Today was also NR (new release) day. In the past Tuesday’s we’re all about movies, video games, and books. We don’t do books anymore and the day has become half NR and half regular business.

But with the movies we assemble things like this:

I have a love/hate relationship with these. I hate putting them together, but I love seeing them when they’re done.

They don’t just come like this. No. There are several pieces flat packed, and we have to assemble them. The only thing we usually have is the base with the movies in it preassembled. We’ve had some huge ones for Star Wars and DC/Marvel comics movies. Some can be tough. The instructions aren’t always great. You figure it out…eventually. I sweated this one for an hour or so, which is a good thing. Sweating could get me to open up and get rid of this mess in my head.

I feel a lot better than I did last night. We will see how I sleep.

I got help again tomorrow. I’m running one store all day which means I’ll probably be coming home a little early. And that’s okay as well.

It’s nice to write something positive every once in a while.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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