Obliterate or Rewrite

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.

George Orwell

From The Hill:

The estate of George Orwell has given the go-ahead for a feminist retelling of the British author’s classic novel “1984,” according to The Guardian.

American author Sandra Newman will tell the story of Orwell’s “1984” through the perspective of protagonist Winston Smith’s lover Julia.

“It was the man from Records who began it, him all unknowing in his prim, grim way, his above-it-all oldthink way. He was the one Syme called ‘Old Misery’,” Newman writes in an excerpt of the book obtained by The Guardian. “Comrade Smith was his right name, though ‘Comrade’ never suited him somehow. Of course, if you felt foolish calling someone ‘Comrade’, far better not to speak to them at all.”

Of course if you felt foolish reading something that is the definition of propaganda, best to not read it at all.

Why rewrite a classic? To change the view that people have of that classic, of course. I’ll stick to the old words.

There’s a reason we quote and stick to 1984; a lot of it has come true in the last few years.

Statues torn down, books taken out of libraries, new words and definitions created. All to fit a narrative.

No, I’ll keep my dogeared copy of 1984 with the highlighted parts, loose pages, and the notes in the margins. And I’ll keep the copies I’ve bought that have never been read that I’ve been saving to pass along.

One of my kids will get my copy. Maybe I’ll take one of the new ones and transfer my highlights and notes to it and pass that one on to the other child.

Forewarned is forwarded.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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