And So It Goes…

You’d think that yesterdays story of not gaining the new employee would be the end of the tale, but no, sadly it isn’t.

About an hour ago, I got a text from the other part-timer saying she wouldn’t be back because she gets off late from her other job (teaching at an elementary school part-time?) and that she didn’t feel like she had the time to “do the job to the best of her ability.”

That last part I can certainly agree with, but you don’t just quit jobs. You work notice and let people prepare. There’s a plan that needs to be laid out.

People nowadays throw ya to the proverbial wolves no matter what you do for them.

I’m working three locations full time, and now I’m going to have to take on your location because you don’t have the respect and decency to exit the right way.

I’m good to the people under me. I don’t let management come down on them. I shield them from management.

Maybe I need to stop.

If it gets done, it gets done. I’ll do the best I can obviously.

That said, my current mental state can be described best in a picture.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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