I slept in until a bit after 8 AM. It’s a day off for most of us and a rare day off during the week for my company. We do get to celebrate all major holidays, and the company does observe that.

I said I would, and so I have replaced an O2 sensor on the truck today. It seems that I did it properly as the truck is running fine. It was a proverbial booger to replace. The threads weren’t rusted it anything. The metal part of the replacement was extremely smooth. Unclipping the connector and the placement of said connection was hell to get to. I have added to my knicks, cuts, and scars.

O2 Sensor

I accomplished this before 10 AM. I took a test drive and let the truck run a bit after resetting the PCM. It’s usually so simple to fix most things on this truck. I know there are more significant potential problems but ill tackle those too. Either on my own or with the help of my dad and a friend.

It’s good to know people who know.

We had lunch with Mom and Dad. This is our Thanksgiving and our Christmas. Lunch or supper and then a long visit. No phones. Just sitting and talking. I enjoy this immensely.

After that it was rest and relaxxation because back to work in the morning.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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