Things I Needed Today

It started here.

On Twitter of all places, I found some inspiration this morning. I’m headed off to church soon; then, I have some repairs to work on at the house and some errands to run.

Rarely are my weekends restful.

I needed a haircut, so that happened. I ran my errands and picked up a few things.

Truck wise I’m having trouble with the O2 sensors, and rather than replacing them outright, I’m trying something simpler first. οΏΌ

$27 US

The problem here is sometimes simple ain’t cheap. But it’s still half the cost of one O2 sensor and saved time removing and replacing the sensor. I’m hoping this will clean up the existing parts and make them function properly. My gas mileage isn’t bad and I just recently cleaned my MAF. We’ll see what happens. He ain’t running too bad. Just a hiccup here and there.

Other than that it has been a decent day and you can’t ask for much more.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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