Working On It

It’s around 9AM. I’ve taken the boy to school to take a little off the wife this morning and gone by and picked up my part.

Incredibly easy removal and replacement from the front bottom of the engine.

New on the left. Old on the right.

I’m hoping this is the problem and from the looks of it it has to be at least part of it.


That’s not grease or grime or dirt that is rust. There is no way that this part is functioning properly.

Now, I could probably clean the part and it would function fine. But it’s a 22 year old part and I have a brand new part right here in my hand so, why chance it?

Start to finish this fix took me about twenty minutes, and I was working slow as I’d never done this before. If I’m cautious, I don’t make things worse.

I had to go pick up my new work phone at a store over an hour away today so I had time for a real test run.

He ran pretty much flawlessly.

Tomorrow morning will be a good judge of that.

And that my be it. On simple part changed out that may solve the problem.

It’s usually the simple things on old trucks/cars. Relationships are a little trickier, but it’s usually the small things that get overlooked that can fix those.

The world has a lot of simple things that could be fixed, and it would run just fine too.

I’m just watching over my little piece of it.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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