Ears To Hear

The Bible doesn’t mean what I’m thinking of right now.

No. The Bible and this verse are explained as Jesus calling us to hear his word. To gain that blessing and, in that word, find the way.

What I’m thinking about is β€œears to hear” and how a lot of the population doesn’t use theirs and won’t.

We live in a world with a constant flow of information and knowledge at our fingertips anytime, anywhere we want it. But people don’t want to see the truth. They want what’s easy and to go along with the crowd. Well, they want to see their truth, not the truth.

And you have eyes to see as well if you’d only open them and not put your faith, blindly, into the next conman or woman that comes along.

And that’s about where we are with most governments nowadays. They’ve played a long con, and we got duped. And we will suffer for it.

I’ve been thinking. That’s the problem. It gets me worked up.

It’s almost criminalβ€”the thought.

I’m sure that’s what it will be branded any day now.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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