Going To…

I work for a company that contracts for another company. The company we contract for is enormous. We have a structure just like any company. I’m more like a supervisor; I have a manager, he has a manager.

My people and I answer to them.

The other company has their structure just like ours.

The two chains of command do not intermingle. I do the work assigned to me as best I can.

What irritates me to no end is when someone gets manager added to their title, and they think they’re e’rybodies boss.

It ain’t so.

I was told Saturday on a phone call that I would come in and finish some things. Not by anyone in my chain of command.

That’s what I was going to do.

I can’t stand someone telling what I’m going to do because that’s a sure way to make me not do.

And so I didn’t.

That was a bit ranty. I don’t care. It’s what is on my mind at the moment, so I let it out.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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