Miles To Go

Mile 1

I started out today dropping Sam off at school so that takes care of mile seven as well.

The car drop off line at our middle school is ridiculous in the first place. The problem was exacerbated by the new elementary school opening next door last week.

The country crowding all of these schools together with the high school right across the road is nothing but a headache for parents, teachers, bus drivers, and police.

As usual, the local government doesn’t care about the consequences, just what looks good on paper for them.

I think about this every time I have to go through it. The time and stress on all involved could have been avoided with proper planning of roads and such. But they just want to have that picture of them standing there with a hard hat and a shovel at the ground breaking.

Mile 36

The first store that I visited today ranks and ties as one of my least favorites to work in any day of the week. Unorganized, and it’s always rough trying to find and work the product that is needed.

Their ineptitude is always factored into the plan.

It really shouldn’t be like that. But it is.

Mile 61

I’m sitting here now waiting on my car. Yesterday’s adventure turned into today’s bill. An unfortunate price to pay to work and get where I need to be, but here I am. Safety for my family and myself (why would I deprive them of me?) is most important.

Completely unsolicited ad.

I always use the same place for my tires; it’s a family-run business, and they are good people. There is no rip-off here. They aim to do good work take care of people and keep you safe. I’ve got no problem with that.

And that was quite a chunk of change.

Mile 90

The miles are stacking up quickly, aren’t they?

The next store I have to stop at is easily my favorite. I wrote about the people here and the manager last night. They take care of me, and I take care of them.

Today’s a plus because Kevin will be working. He makes Tuesday, usually the most demanding day of our week, enjoyable. We both have a sense of humor that plays well off the others. Almost nothing is off the table when we joke around. And no one.

They say good people are hard to find in business. I say your good people are hard to find because they’re usually working their asses off covering for other people.

And that is Kevin in a nutshell.

Mile 106

The next store is also enjoyable. Morgan will be there, and she’s another of my favorite associates. As a matter of fact, we are the last two from the original group of folks that were there when I came to the store almost seven years agoβ€”the last of the old guard.

And…she called out today. Lol.

Oh well.

Mile 129

The last of my stores today and tied with the first for all the same reasons. I had to hurry kind of. It has been a long day on the road. Nothing much to say about this place.

Mile 190

Home. Right back where I started.

It’s not the work or even the extra work that bothers me. People have lost the sense of dignity that goes with actually earning what’s theirs. They want things handed to them. And large companies are doing it. I watch people keep jobs and get paid that find every way possible not to do the job they were hired to do. It sickens me.

Things have to change.

That’s it. That’s the post.


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